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Recycling for Car wash

The process water biological treatment plants from the company FARITEC, tried and tested for decades and continuously further developed, have been developed especially for mobile vehicle washes. They provide the most economic and most efficient method of treating the process water from vehicle washing.

With the patented fixed-bed reactor system from FARITEC, which has been certified through the General Building Inspectorate Approval (No. Z-83.1- 17 “Installations for the Limitation of Hydrocarbons from Mineral Oil-containing Process Water”), you are always on the safe side.

Industrial Recycling

Everywhere where a lot of water is worked with and the saving of fresh water is of importance, FARITEC is the right contact for you. As every cleaning requirement requires its own solution, we analyse your waste water problem taking into account the structural conditions and from water samples and put together exactly the right product combination for you. From the conceptual solution for the rehabilitation of land, a former oil refinery or the conversion of the waste water system in Europe’s largest down feather washing plant, we reduce the fresh water consumption to a minimum.