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ASC – Filtration


The ASC process (adsorption column chromatography) stands out from all other processes known hitherto. Here, adsorption and filtration are carried out in one step. Thanks to our patented ASC polymer, oils, greases, waxes, BTXE, dissolved hydrocarbons, etc. as well as particulate matter down to a size of 20 µm are removed from the water. In addition, the ASC system has a bio-filter function and an adsorption effect on organic impurities.
Therefore the ASC filtration is the perfect addition to biological process water treatment as it, as a downstream component, reliably removes any remaining hydrocarbons from the process water and the subsequent UV unit enables sterilization.

This enables us to achieve a process water quality which complies with the "EC Standard for Bathing Water & quot; and is unique in the washing industry.

Other advantages at a glance:

    1. 100% odour-neutral process water
    2. At least 15% tenside saving
    3. Completely clear water
    4. Minimum maintenance costs
    5. Cost savings through the dispensing with additional chemicals
    6. Longer service life of the pumps
    7. Heating of the water by approx. 5°C above the town water
    8. Fully automatic operation via a PLC control system
    9. Easy integration into existing car washing facilities
    10. Undershooting of the statutory waste water values by a multiple (in accordance with Annex 49)
    11. The higher, clearer water quality enables UV treatment

Cost Efficiency

The backflushing takes place similarly with process water thanks to the extremely high quality of the process water created by our system. The backflush water is fed back into the process water circuit so that no water losses occur.
This saves costs and increases the service life.

Highest Process Water Quality

The limit values of the microbial load of the process water are so far fallen short of that a classification of the process water after the ASC system, in accordance with §§ 10, 11 BiostoffV (Biological Substances Regulation) in Risk Group 2 is no longer applicable.
This means that the “special protective measures” required in TRBA (Technical Guidelines for Biological Working Substances) 500 are not necessary.

Extended use of Process Water

The problem-free use of the process water in all high-pressure units and plate heat exchangers available on the market is possible following consultation with the respective manufacturers.
Due to the high quality of the process water, efficient UV sterilization can be installed downstream from the ASC system.
As a result, the ASC process enables the safe use of the process water in all self-service washing installations and oscillating high-pressure units in the washing plant.

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Benefits Faritec

The professional planning of the FARITEC biological process water treatment plants covers the water in your process chain from the first to the last drop. In the FARITEC Technical Product Design and Facility Engineering Department, detailed plans are drawn up for each project individually so that architects and builders can always discuss and plan all construction phases quickly and cost effectively.

Because every project is different in its cleaning requirements, we analyse the process water requirements in your construction projects. FARITEC supports you from the idea via the implementation right up to the day-to- day operation of your plant. During the construction of car washes and industrial plants, FARITEC works closely together with local partners at the appropriate interfaces.

FARITEC products are future-oriented, sustainable and reliable. The FARITEC process water treatment plants combine a long service life with low operating costs.

The technical products and further developments of the biological process water treatment and other products from FARITEC are practically tested under the conditions of real car wash operation in the washing facilities and self-service areas of BlueWash. So you, as our customer, have the assurance that you have a biological process water treatment plant which has been developed from practice for practice