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The biological process water treatment from FARITEC has the Building Inspectorate Approval Z-83.1-17 and so as a stand-alone solution meets all the cleaning requirements placed on systems for the limitation of hydrocarbons from mineral oil-containing waste water with the greatest possible recirculation within the meaning of Part E Paragraph 2 of Annex 49 of the Waste Water Regulation.
The FARITEC biological water treatment system is based on aerobic, cascaded fixed-bed biological reactors. In the fixed-bed reactors, the microorganisms are settled on an installed carrier material.There are no floats which serve as carrier material and which have to be renewed again and again. Thus, the immobilization of the microorganisms takes place in the form of a biofilm on the permanently installed carrier material and the need for the recirculation of activated sludge is done away with completely.

The system consists essentially of the plant components

  1. Mechanical pre-treatment (sludge trap)
  2. Bio-reactor
  3. Mechanical post-treatment (clarification phase)
  4. Process water collection
  5. Measurement and control equipment

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Benefits Faritec

The professional planning of the FARITEC biological process water treatment plants covers the water in your process chain from the first to the last drop. In the FARITEC Technical Product Design and Facility Engineering Department, detailed plans are drawn up for each project individually so that architects and builders can always discuss and plan all construction phases quickly and cost effectively.

Because every project is different in its cleaning requirements, we analyse the process water requirements in your construction projects. FARITEC supports you from the idea via the implementation right up to the day-to- day operation of your plant. During the construction of car washes and industrial plants, FARITEC works closely together with local partners at the appropriate interfaces.

FARITEC products are future-oriented, sustainable and reliable. The FARITEC process water treatment plants combine a long service life with low operating costs.

The technical products and further developments of the biological process water treatment and other products from FARITEC are practically tested under the conditions of real car wash operation in the washing facilities and self-service areas of BlueWash. So you, as our customer, have the assurance that you have a biological process water treatment plant which has been developed from practice for practice