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Recycling for Car wash


The process water biological treatment plants from the company FARITEC, tried and tested for decades and continuously further developed, have been developed especially for mobile vehicle washes. They provide the most economic and most efficient method of treating the process water from vehicle washing.

With the patented fixed-bed reactor system from FARITEC, which has been certified through the General Building Inspectorate Approval (No. Z-83.1- 17 “Installations for the Limitation of Hydrocarbons from Mineral Oil-containing Process Water”), you are always on the safe side.

The system clearly distinguishes itself from other, comparable systems through maintenance-friendliness, longer service life and an optimum cost – benefit ratio.

Other advantages at a glance:

  • Separation of dissolved substances (organic / inorganic sources)
  • Use of additional chemicals not necessary
  • Very robust and reliable process
  • Consistently high water quality
  • Simultaneous enrichment of missing oxygen
  • No odour formation ("putrefaction smell & quot;)
  • Low-maintenance

Through the biological pre-treatment in the bio-reactors, COD and organic contamination are, for the most part, separated out and odour emissions are completely eliminated. In addition, there is the possibility of carrying out an extra-fine filtration to 20 µm and the adsorption of the remaining hydrocarbon substances via a downstream ASC system or a FARIDISC disc filter.

Subsequently, the purified water can be sterilized with the aid of a UV unit. This water then complies with the "EC Standard for Bathing Water" and can quite safely be used in all sections of the washing system and for pre-washing.

Thus, up to 95% of the process water can be recycled.


The biological process water treatment from FARITEC has the Building Inspectorate Approval Z- 83.1-17 and so as a stand-alone solution meets all the cleaning requirements placed on systems for the limitation of hydrocarbons from mineral oil-containing process water with the greatest possible recirculation within the meaning of Part E Paragraph 2 of Annex 49 of the Waste Water Regulation.
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The disk filter element consists of a stack of finely grooved plastic disks which are held together by spring pressure. This concept combines the principle of surface filtration with that of deep-bed filtration to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability. The special geometry of the grooves on the filter disk results in a variable cross-section of the open water path, whereby round as well as elongated particles are reliably retained as they pass through the disk stack.
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With the installation of the FARITEC lamella separator, the efficiency of its sludge collecting tank is increased by up to 70%.
Suspended and floating matter, cellulose and oils contained in the water are reliably retained.
The incoming flow of dirty water is broken down and calmed in a single step. Thereby the use of the entire tank width for sedimentation is achieved.
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Benefits Faritec

The professional planning of the FARITEC biological process water treatment plants covers the water in your process chain from the first to the last drop. In the FARITEC Technical Product Design and Facility Engineering Department, detailed plans are drawn up for each project individually so that architects and builders can always discuss and plan all construction phases quickly and cost effectively.

Because every project is different in its cleaning requirements, we analyse the process water requirements in your construction projects. FARITEC supports you from the idea via the implementation right up to the day-to- day operation of your plant. During the construction of car washes and industrial plants, FARITEC works closely together with local partners at the appropriate interfaces.

FARITEC products are future-oriented, sustainable and reliable. The FARITEC process water treatment plants combine a long service life with low operating costs.

The technical products and further developments of the biological process water treatment and other products from FARITEC are practically tested under the conditions of real car wash operation in the washing facilities and self-service areas of BlueWash. So you, as our customer, have the assurance that you have a biological process water treatment plant which has been developed from practice for practice